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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Creative and Critical Thinking-UTM #3

13 September 2011

Yeah, this is September 13th edition. I’ve attended another one CCT lecture. For this session, it turned to something much fresher and much interesting. Maybe everyone from this class couldn’t deny that this lecture is all about creativity of human being. 

At the beginning of the class, Mr. Nasir viewed us a video. I’m totally blank and zero what kind of video is that. Once it is playing, it was totally opened our eyes! Based on the video, a group of people were trying to discover human behavior in daily life. By taking simple escalator and stairs at unknown place as the medium of the experiment, people using the escalator at most rather than the stairs. What the guys done for this experiment? They modified the stairs till it function like a piano! Once you step on the stairs, they would rang and bang with different sound, music and rhythm. 

It’s much more fun using the musical stairs rather than using the escalator which is soundless. What we got for the observation. Slowly, people keep using the stairs and stop using the escalator which located just right after the stairs. Wow! That’s totally amazed us! Can you people ever imagine how this simple modification could turn human behavior?  It was totally a cool video. 

Do you know that there are positive attitudes for creative person? Yup, there were existed! One of them is curiosity. Creative person would have a high curiosity cause they would try to discover anything which is look interesting to them. It just liked a cat. Cat got the high curiosity, everyone could see that isn’t? They would jump everywhere, crawl down anything, and seek out the new things that they never knew. We can see that many cats trapped and can’t get down from the tree right? Have you wondering why they climbed the tree? Why don’t they just sit down carefully or just playing around on the ground? Yes, that’s because they’re rich with curiosity. It’s also the same as human. Try to discover by yourself what I’m trying to say if can’t understand me.

Besides that, there’re also challenges, constructive discounted,believe that most problems can be solved, and last but not least the ability to suspend judgment and criticism. As deduction, we could say these elements are vital for us to become and approach as an creative person. Hopefully I could gain these elements someday. May God will. Amin. 

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