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Monday, June 27, 2011

Bila Body Builder Menjadi Penyanyi Berduet Dengan Negro

Assalamualaikum wbt dan salam 1Malaysia.
Pada petang yang hening ini aku nak share dengan komer video klip ni
Tadi aku saje la jalan² dalam Youtube lepas habis tengok Fullmetal Alchemist versi movie.
Terjumpa pulak video muzik ni

Memang aku tak kenal pon sape penyanyi ni.
Tapi video ni memang tak boleh blah la~~~
Korang layan je la ye

Selain penyanyi lelaki ni yang tak boleh blah, penyanyi negro ni pun buat muka terangsang tak sudah. Backup dancer kat belakang pun tak tahan, buat lawak je memanjang. Gelek sana, gelek sini. Adoyai~~~ Hilarious giler la.......Setelah aku godek² dalam internet ni, huh nak cari lirik lirik tak jumpa pulak. Jumpa benda lain ada la. Aduh rupa²nya lelaki n i bintang gay rupanya. Adush! Bangang punya mat saleh.

Badan cantik dah. Bodybuilder plak....Last², gay rupanya!!!!! Bongok betul.....Klik SINI untuk lihat mengapa lelaki berubah menjadi gay. Tapi macam tak kena je dengan yang sorang ni....Adoyai~~~~

Zeb Atlas, the world’s leading gay icon, starred in our video “Stop For Love” with Pearly Gates, a video that has to date had a stunning 140000+ views! Zeb and Pearly’s sizzling new version of the classic Diana Ross hit “Love Hangover” has gained even more attention and press coverage and gossip (not to mention its share of bitching) on the gay network since it was leaked on The Sword website on the 16th January without our knowledge. Zeb’s debut as a pop star is a tongue’n cheek version of Diana Ross’ 1976 #1-hit “Love Hangover” with the unmistakable French touch by Laurent Schark. Pearly Gates, hot on the heels of our album with her, “On A Winning Streak” (also containing the video “Stop For Love” with Zeb), joins in the fun. So now here it is – love it or hate it – the brand new video, officially released! LOVE HANGOVER Starring ZEB ATLAS And PEARLY GATES Music & Lyrics: Pamela Sawyer & Marilyn McLeod (c) Jobete Music Co. Inc./EMI Songs International Produced By Darren Harvey-Beswick, Soren Jensen and Laurent Schark Video Directed By Darren Harvey-Beswick And USP-Movies, Liège, Belgium All Copyright In This Video & Sound Recording (c) 2011 Night Dance Records

Klik SINI dan SINI

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