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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Technology - Laptop Care Tips

1. Batteries

  • Avoid the use of batteries and are encouraged to use direct from the source of electrical power.
  • Computer cooler without heat from the battery.
  • If the battery charge is exhausted, are encouraged to use the power from the adapter.
  • Make sure the battery is below 10 percent before a recharge.
  • If too frequent charging, the battery will lose its ability to save energy below 50percent.
2. Keyboard.

  • Place a piece of A4 paper for each time the keyboard is used to prevent dustentering the keyboard.
  • Occasionally wipe the keyboard slowly. Do not be too rough to avoid the damaged key button.
  • Use the keyboard and mouse separately so that we can not too often a keyboard on a laptop computer.
3. LCD screen

  • Wipe the screen often as it is entered into the dust.
  • Use a screen saver.
  • Power management set to 'Turn off monitor in ... minutes.
  • Avoid touching a screen with your finger as a greasy finger effects difficult to clean.
  • Do not place your finger on the screen because it can lead to 'Dead pixel.
4. Heat

  • Please make sure your laptop has a space to remove heat.
  • Please note the laptop has a small storage space.
5. Surge Protector

  • Functions as maintaining software and hardware from damage.
  • Recommended to be used for maintaining the internal hardware laptop computer.
  • Another advantage Surge Protector is keeping a hard disk drive (HDD) and power source (Power Supply).
6. Port

  • Always easily accessible for cleaning dust.
  • Use a brush or old toothbrush.
  • Be sure the switch is turned off during a cleaning.

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