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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Technology - Extend the Life of Your Mobile Phone


The development of mobile telecommunication technologies (Wireless) grew so fast that it almost is not overtaken by most ordinary users, who usually just want a device to communicate with others very quickly. 

Mobile phones are so advanced and extensive range of functions that are increasingly smaller and filled with so many of the new functions, such as a PDA, keep your calendar and many other functions that are certainly willing to mebuatkan consumers substantial sums of money to have a mobile phone technology has advanced and compelling them. 

Despite the sophistication of the functions of the telecommunications mode, it is not a robust tool and does not require continuous attention and care of the user. Like most electronic devices are, mobile phones must be treated with care. 

Therefore, telecommunication companies suggest some tips to ensure a user's mobile phone last longer: 

TIP 1 
Most mobile phones are not shock resistant, not waterproof and dust proof. Building an electronic circuit in the mobile phone is all very fine, and any exposure to heat, humidity and liquids contain minerals that can cause corrosion on the electronic circuits. 

TIP 2 
Users are advised to avoid handling mobile phone by way of gross, like drops and hit it because it will damage the circuit board to a dusty internal. Exposure can lead to chronic soft dirt-filled the small room on the surface of the phone. 

TIP 3 
Users are advised to wipe your phone clean with a soft cloth that has been wet with a little soap and water. However the use of corrosive chemicals, cleaning solvents, detergents or cleaning solutions may damage the phone's powerful. 

TIP 4 
Robustness of a mobile phone also depends on the resistance of electronic devices and certain plastic materials. The temperature is too high will damage the components. Similarly, if the phone is placed in a very cold, like a refrigerator or a freezer (a freezer). This is because when the phone is used again at the normal temperature, moisture (condensation) may form on the phone that will definitely damage electronic circuit boards, and damage the memory and the display functions.

TIP 5 
Maintenance and spare battery charger is also very important both to ensure the optimum performance of mobile phone users. Both these components are also highly sensitive to ambient temperature and heat. 
If the battery is charged for too long, it will overheat and shorten battery life, and its performance will decline and long-time standby (standby), and communications will be shorter. 

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