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Saturday, January 15, 2011


At last period, in class 5 Benjo 2, it was an English lesson. Miss Lonyah was teaching her pupils. Then, she asked one of them.

“Wak Tong, what’s the meaning of ‘basi’ in English?” required Miss Lonyah.

Wak Tong was in sixes and sevens. Unfortunately, the bell rang.

“Well, Mr. Wak Tong you was saved by the bell. But I want the answer tomorrow. Go home and find it”, she said.

When Wak Tong reached home, it was lunch time. His mother was busy serving food on the table. He walked toward his mother asked her,”Mother, what’s the meaning of ‘basi’ in English?’

His mother only answered,”Shut up you! I’m busy right now!”

Then, he left his mother. He have a brother named Wak Gong. His brother was down syndrome and playing a toy car in front of the house. Wak Tong went and asked him….

Ngengg, ngengg, ngengg, ngengg, ngengg!!!
( the sound of car by Wak Gong)

“Hey, Wak Gong, what’s the meaning of ‘basi’ in English, hah?” asked Wak Tong.

“Hmm, Mac Gyver. Yeah! Yeah! Mac Gyver, Mac Gyver”, Wak Gong shouted.

“Stupid fellow!” Wak Tong shouted and left his brother alone.

Then, he went to look for his sister, and asked her. Actually, his sister was on her way to the shop and enjoy listening her walkman.

“Yo! Wak Tong, do you want to go to the with me?” asked Lucy.

“Yes,of course, why not? Lucy, do you know the meaning of ‘basi’ in English?”, asked Wak Tong.

“Come on baby, let’s go”, she replied.

Before they went out, their father called Wak Tong.

“Wak Tong, would you please bring the newspapers on the table for me?” asked his father.

“Here you are. Father, what’s the meaning of ‘basi’ in English?” asked Wak Tong.

“Thank you,” his father thanked to Wak Tong for brought the newspapers for him.

Next morning, Wak Tong went to school. The first period was English lesson ad Moss Lonyah come to his class.

“Stand up! Good morning, teacher,” the pupils greeted her well.

“Good morning,everyone. Please sit down. Wak Tong, as I promised yesterday, now I want the answer,” said Miss Lonyah.

“Shut up you! I’m busy right now!” Wak Tong shouted and shocked the whole class.

“Wow, what a very rude of you. Who teach you to be rude like this?’ asked Miss Lonyah.

“Mac Gyver,” answered Wak Tong.

“Come with me and go to the principal’s room” Miss Lonyah ordered.

“Come on baby, let’s go” said wak Tong.
In the principal’s room, Miss Lonyah told everything to the principal, Mr. Zoo Keep Lie about what had happened.

“Okey, Wak Tong, put your left hand out. I’ll slash your hand twice,” said Mr. Zoo Keep Lie.

Zup, zup. ( a sound of canned)

“Auchh,auchh. Thank you,” said Wak Tong to the principal.

“Your welcome,” answered Mr. Zoo Keep Lie.

Then, he went back to the class.


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