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Friday, January 20, 2012


When people especially teenagers got too addicted with K-Pop, without realising that it would turn to harem when K-pop caused of negligence and waste. Thumbs up for these boys who were trying to help them to step up from keep addict with this genre of musics.

K-pop (Korean: 가요, Gayo) (an abbreviation of Korean pop or Korean popular music) is a musical genre consisting of Pop, dance, electropop, hip hop, rock, R&B and electronic music originating in South Korea. In addition to music, K-pop has grown into a popular subculture among teenagers and young adults around the world, resulting in widespread interest in the fashion and style of Korean idol groups and singers.

Through the presence of Facebook fan pages, availability on iTunes, Twitter profiles, and music videos on YouTube, the ability of K-pop to reach a previously inaccessible audience via the Internet is driving a paradigm shift in the exposure and popularity of the genre South Korean popular culture is today serving as a major driver of youth culture all across the Pacific Rim, with special reference to China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. The genre is currently moving towards a position in the region, similar to that of American music in Europe during the 1980s and 1990s.

Nasyid (Arabic: أناشيد) is singing the religious character of Islam and often contain words of advice, stories of the prophets, praise God, and the seumpamanya.Nasheed (Arabic: word roots / single نشيد, أناشيد plurals; also called Nasyid in Malaysia and Indonesia, while in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ilahija) song of Islamic culture. Traditionally, Nasyid sung by a Capella, the singing in this way is accompanied by the daff. Normal behavior is used by many Muslim scholars because they interpret the teachings of Islam that is prohibiting the use of instruments musical instruments except for some tools Basic Music (Percussion). Many people will admire the purity and simplicity in music.

The latest generation in the music arena, "Nasheed" that is among the artists used an assortment of musical instruments in their art. This has raised some controversy among the Muslim community because most of the Islamic scholars think this option is an existence (heresy) on Music in Islam. Modern Nasheed also be seen beyond the mainstream groups like the group Outlandish Nasheed music, Aman, and solo artists like Dawud Wharnsby Nasheed Ali, Sami Yusuf, Slave of Allah and Idris Phillips, who is said to attract the hearts and eyes as well as many Muslim societies, it can be pemimpn to show artists in the Islamic Cultural Festival, Conferences, Concerts and Shows (like ISNA, Celebrate Eid, Young Muslims). Artists and other organizations such as Noor Media is 100% do not use musical instruments Nasheednya rebels in album production.
The increase in sales of entertainment products based on Nasheed is seen more driven by professional publishers can produce Nasheed entertainment media in the form of video clips and soundtrack. For example Madinah Tun-Prophet by Aashiq al-messenger Al Mu'allim, Meditation, Hasbi Rabbi (all by Sami Yusuf), Du'a by Seven 8 Six, Mercy like the Rain by Shaam & Our World by Zain Bhikha.

Bring the nasyid initially eccentric desert pattern, but now the nasyid group during rhythm pattern has led to many new listeners. These reforms make nasyid songs more interesting and be more competitive in the field of art.

Usually nasyid didendangkan prefer a musical instrument without strings, but according to some scholars of fiqh matters singing nasyid tunes played with stringed musical instruments like guitar and piano are allowed.

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yana said...

video depa semua best :)

Unknown said...

depa memang bagus

Anonymous said...

dlu pernah trminat tadelah obses sgt..then, tak bpe lame lpas tu..tgok kwn2 sme obses dgn kpop ni...rse mluat pun ade...mcm lah dorg dpt jmpe dpan2 dorg sume..seriously skang trus tak mnat dah..:)

Unknown said...

boleh plak terminat sekejap

Ezad Skytech said... mmg tak minat k-pop..

#fans k-pop jgn serang aq ye...haha~

Unknown said...

abes la kau

blog-tips-kurus said...

sekarang ade J-pop! :-)

CikTeddyCorner said...

x mnat kpop..mmbosankan.huhu

CikguAreefNaim said...


skrg ni byk hiburan alternatif yg lbh menghiburkan n dpt mendekatkan diri kita kpd allah... bijaklah dlm memilih...

Unknown said...

@blog-tips-kurus: M pop pon dah ada

Unknown said...

@Original CikTeddy : biar betul tak minat..........

Unknown said...

@Areef Ibn Naim: setuju dengan anda