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Monday, September 19, 2011

Creative and Critical Thinking UTM Journal #1

Assalamualaikumwbt, peace be upon to you, and hi everyone.
 I’m back to the world of blog since I stopped updating this blog about two months ago till now. Now, I’ll use my blog as the medium of my assignment. Huh? Doing assignment through this blog? It sound fantastic and interesting isn’t? My lecturer for Critical and Creative Thinking (CCT), Mr. MohdNasirMasroom assigned us to make a journal or note to tell our experiences right after attending this class.

13 September 2011

It was our first session for SHY1043 Critical and Creative Thinking(CCT) lecture. Before the lecture begins, I’m still wondering, what kind of subject is this? I never heard about it before. Yeah, it’s my first experience as first year student in UniversitiTeknologiMalaysia(UTM). Being the Marketing student made me and the others different than other students who took different programs such as Accounting and Human Resource Development since they didn’t registered for this subject. Maybe they need to take it at the next semester.
Based on the schedule which given to us, we need to attend CCT lecture on Tuesday and Thursday. It is a 3 hours credits subject. That’s mean it is an important subject since we need to attend this class or lecture 3 hours per week. We shouldn’t skip this class since there will be a new task for every week. Seriously, it’s totally freaking me out here!

During the first class, Mr. Nasir exposed and briefed us about this subject. He also told us what kind of assignments we need to do for getting A or 4.00 for CCT. This journal is the first assignment which gives us 10% marks. He also assigned us a group assignment. For this, we need to form a group of five, which cross sex and multi-racial. OMG! OMG! OMG! How I want to find a group in this crowded class? Thank God, it was not a problem for me. I asked a Chinese girl name Lay Sin to form a group with her. Later on, she brought another three girls for my group. They were Chui Kuan, Fatin and Maya. Two Chinese girls, two Malay girls, and I am the only one single male in this group. Who cares about it? Someday, when we start to work, maybe this situation would happen in reality, where the female workers are greater than the male. 

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Azri Fathurrahman said...

arghhhh... bahasa amarika! =.='

Unknown said...

well.....english is vital ok....

Anyyss Shuhaimi said...

teringat masa gua wat PBL first sem..haha!

Unknown said...

PBL tu apa plak??? tak pernah dengar pon....