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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Study Tips - Note Taking

Note Taking

Proper note taking is vital to student success. Everyone needs to develop a strategy for taking notes that is best suited for personal learning. There is no one way to keep a notebook. Take your notes the way that is best for you. In order to take good notes, you must be an active listener in your classroom.
Some key words in a lecture that you should alert you to note taking may include lists. Any time several reasons are given for something, write it down. Cause and effect statements are usually key points. If something that occurs has a direct relationship on something else, it will be good to note it.
Definitions should always be included in notes, especially when your teacher adds some relevant material. Teachers also give examples which may be listed under definitions in an effort to understand the concept better.
Whenever a superlative is used, such as the best, the largest, the greatest, then put that in your notebook. As you listen to your teacher, pick up on the speech patterns. Usually teachers speak more slowly and possibly louder when something is important. The teacher will often repeat something that is vital for you to know.

After the class, go over your notes. It is a good idea to read them out loud. Relate the notes to what you have already learned in the class. Review the notes again before going to class. Get into the habit of taking good notes. Don't rely on anyone else in the class to take them for you. You may compare notes, but don't copy them.

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