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Friday, February 11, 2011

Study Tips - Motivation

Motivating yourself is an important attribute in student success. You will take control of your learning when you begin motivational techniques.

You need to go ahead and study some every day. Don't get so behind that you have to read the entire book before a test. A little studying every day will make a huge difference. Whenever your teacher gives you an assignment, go ahead and work out an outline or a plan that evening. It is best not to put the paper away until the assignment is due. Get familiar with the assignment and find out what you have to have to complete it.

Realize what makes you want to study. You may want to learn the subject, or you may want to earn a degree. You need to know what is driving you forward. The best motivator is yourself. If you understand why you want something, then you will become more focused on attaining it.

It helps to put all your assignments into smaller segments and set goals as to when to finish. Every time you study, have a small goal - read five pages, write three paragraphs - to get done during that session. By separating the overall assignment into smaller bits, you will feel that you have accomplished something and want to do more.
The most important motivational force is going ahead and doing something with the task at hand. Don't procrastinate. Accomplishing a small goal will make you feel better. When you finish one task, go ahead and put down your goals so you will be focused for the next task.

Sometimes it helps to have a mentor, a faculty member or a friend with whom to discuss your work. A third person can point out what you have accomplished and encourage you to do more.

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